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A didgeridoo that will accompany you forevermore and all-around. It weighs 540g and is only 37cm in travel length. Once extended you will have an instrument of 186cm length with a deep and rich sound that is very easy to play. The material is elegant and robust. Your Airdidge is completely heat and water resistant. Made from 100% carbon. 3 tuned pitches: B Flat, C and E Flat





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You can play the Airdidge in different pitches, depending on by how many parts you shorten it. As you dispend and extend the telescopic elements you tune each sound. The quality of music stays excellent in each pitch. The instrument is really simple to play and has a comfortable back pressure. Possible pitches are B Flat, C and E Flat.




The Airdidge is made from 100% carbon. Carbon fiber reinforced plastic is very strong and extremely light. Therefore, the Airdidge weighs only 540g and belongs to the lightest and most compact didgeridoos on the market today. With a travel length of only 37cm the instrument fits in every bag, suitcase or backpack. A further benefit is that how easy it is to clean. Your instrument can cleand with cold water.

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The idea for a didgeridoo that is extractable and retractable similar to an antic telescope has been on our minds for quite some time. Because a didgeridoo does require a certain length, it was obvious to us that the only feasible solution would be a telescopic concept. That’s the only way to produce a compact didgeridoo that can be stored away practically. The idea of a convenient didgeridoo serves people who travel of don’t have a lot of space. You can carry the Airdidge everywhere you want to go and it is the ideal companion on every travel. Carbon is the only material that satisfies the need for stability and weight. The instruments are being produced exclusively for us in Asia.


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