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Samuel Buob / Michi Köng


Two school friends who discovered the didgeridoo at the age of 14 (1993). At this time, there was little information on the market and we were forced to learn to play self-taught. What we succeeded with successfully, even though we initially thought that circular breathing was only something for Aboriginis that started in childhood.

We built our first didgeridoo out of bamboo. As we both were about to become craftsmen it was a challenge to build a wooden didgeridoo. No. 1 was born in 1995. We dived into the world of Yidaki more and more and were able to expand our skills in building and playing ahead. For over 20 years, we are still at work and we can say proudly to build some of the best instruments on the market. Even today, we are anxious to further perfect our work and develop, see therapy workshops and many special accessories.

Do not dream about life - live your dream


Didgeridoo Artwork


How the Airdige originated


On all our trips around the globe, we were looking for ways to build a didgeridoo to make people happy with music. In Asia, that was not a problem, because there grows suitable bamboo. In America, plastic pipes are our preferred probably for a simple didgeridoo. In poorer countries, however, even the search for a suitable drainpipe was a challenge. A new, light and small Didge had to come. After much thought and many useless suggestions, the decision was clear. The only sensible solution is a telescopic didgeridoo. To implement this idea, only a suitable material had to be found. The search for a lightweight and durable material that exists in all shapes ended with carbon. With good contacts to Bambusien, the first prototype was built. A full success !!!!



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